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Decades of Experience, Attention to Details Bringing Your Vision to Life

“It’s in our DNA to notice all of the details that most people in commercial construction overlook.”
Brad Trump, Vice President

SCI Construction has the expertise and flexibility to provide exactly what your project demands from start to finish, even including acquiring furniture, fixtures, and equipment if needed.

Our expertise includes:

  • Feasibility study consultation or site evaluation

  • Sealed construction bid

  • General contractor service

  • Comprehensive construction management

  • Turn-key project at a stipulated price, cost-plus, or negotiated delivery

Building Planning

Planning and Design

As a professional contractor, we afford maximum benefit to our clients by collaborating on structuring our services and contracts to create a successful partnership.


Our planning process is designed to construct a clear course of action, establish reasonable goals, and set a realistic budget.

  • Site Selection and Evaluation

  • Zoning, Municipal and Governmental Approvals

  • Planning Utility Services

  • Architectural and Engineering Design

  • Material Specification and Selection

  • Value Engineering


To add significant value to our clients, SCI completes a comprehensive study that starts with understanding your purpose for the building. 


We then examine every detail of every phase of the project to determine if the plans meet the client’s purpose in the most cost-effective way.

Planning and Design

Financial Administration and Accounting

Our integrity is only as good as our performance. That’s why we make sure the SCI staff are uniquely qualified to provide superior record-keeping and accountability. We have several team members with accounting backgrounds, including an in-house attorney.


Working with Financial Documents_edited.jpg
Financial Administration
Image by Doris Morgan

Coordination of Utilities

Coordinating with utility providers can be frustrating if you’ve never done it before. The installation of utilities, if not properly planned and executed, can delay the completion of the project.


SCI is happy to take charge of the entire utility installation process, so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Final Finish
Rose Heights Church Foyer_edited.jpg

Final Finish and Trim Out

The Trim Out is when attention-to-detail matters most. We take great pains to make sure your project looks and feels like the beautiful and comfortable environment you set out for when crafting your vision.



Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Procurement

While some companies choose to manage FFE Procurement themselves or use a designer, many happy clients have relied on the expertise of SCI to procure and install hospital beds, office furniture, weight room equipment, complex integrated audio/video systems, and more. If this is a service you need, SCI Construction will gladly take the lead.

Remodeling and Tenant Renovations

SCI Construction also provides remodeling, renovation, and tenant improvement services, often for repeat clients. The same focus on the details and purpose goes into every job, no matter how large or small.


12 Brookshires Grocery Company Mabank 13.jpg

We’re A Partner, Building Trusted Relationships

We view our clients’ projects as long-term partnerships. Our success is not based on earning your trust for a single project, but on developing a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with you as a client.

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