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Leading in Service

“Each member of our team sees the details from a different perspective, which allows us to adapt to the unique purpose of each project.” 
Brandon Parker, President

Larry S. Parker, CEO

B.B.A. in Accounting from The University of Houston J.D. from South Texas College of Law


With a career path that includes accounting, business administration, a legal practice, and commercial and residential development, Larry sets the detail-focused tone at SCI Construction.

With over forty years of commercial construction experience, his leadership in banking, finance, and business administration produces consistently effective results, both for SCI and for our clients.


Highly regarded as a consultant in the community and at his church, Larry’s extensive business background allows him to empathize with clients and provide valuable insight into the financial, legal, and strategic consequences of their construction projects. His forty-plus years of experience constructing commercial buildings offers our clients a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Brandon Parker, President

B.A. in Business Administration from Lee University


Brandon’s drive equips him to lead SCI Construction with excellence. He is involved in nearly every aspect of SCI’s operations from client relations and contract negotiations to project estimating, job oversight, and personnel management. It is not surprising that Brandon thrives on making decisions, beating deadlines, and overcoming challenges while remaining focused on the relationships built and maintained over the years with clients, business associates, and SCI team members.

In addition to his years of commercial construction experience, Brandon has a background in custom home building, which provides him with an intimate understanding of what it takes to achieve true customer satisfaction. He also brings a critical eye for detail and final finish to SCI which is hard to find in commercial construction. In fact, in dealing with our subcontractors and vendors, Brandon admits that he is uncompromising in demanding top-notch quality and on-time performance.

Brad Trump, Vice President of Operations

B.A. in Business Administration from Lee University

Brad brings his skills as a communicator and his intuitive observation to the reasoning behind each particular project’s requirements and purpose. His responsibilities include collecting the necessary information for the job, meeting with contractors, architects, engineers, and clients, keeping the job on schedule, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. With a background in real estate and new construction, Brad has an eye for detail. Whether he is dotting ‘I’s or crossing ‘T’s on project management, Brad uses his skill and experience to make sure that SCI exceeds client expectations.

Shane Squyers, Vice President of Construction Operations

B.S. in Psychology from Stephen F. Austin University

For the better half of a decade, he has served in different capacities at the company, including site work operator and supervisor, overall site superintendent, and project manager. His insights and experiences build strong relationships with contractors, owners, and design professionals as a problem solver. As Vice President of Construction Operations, Shane helps to keep clients and team members on the same page and projects on schedule.


Aaron Sparrow, Vice President of Construction


There is no replacement for doing the hard work. From problem-solving to communication to scheduling and sequencing, Aaron brings his 17 years of construction experience to every job through his construction management, diligence, and outside-the-box thinking. With a well-rounded construction background, he communicates with owners about their project and uses critical thinking to either prevent issues or navigate through them to resolution.

Shaun Wood, Vice President of Construction

BS in Construction from Southern Polytechnic State University


Well-rounded only begins to describe Shaun. With over a quarter of a century of experience on private and public commercial construction projects from retail, educational, higher education, medical, and industrial organizations, Shaun is very comfortable making the most of client projects with budgets from the tens of millions into the hundreds of millions. He focuses on creating and maintaining solid relationships with each project stakeholder, including owners, architects, engineers, inspectors, and subcontractors. There isn't a lot Shaun hasn't seen, worked through, and create successful outcomes for in commercial construction. 


Let Our Team Help Your Team

We live by a simple code. We develop, design, and build visions and dreams so that we can help you prosper. When we do, we have more to give and more to build. It's all according to the plan.

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