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Our Decades Of Experience
For Your Commercial Construction

When you have four decades of experience in commercial construction and a highly qualified team of professionals, your approach to commercial construction brings more than the rest. At SCI, we value the lessons we’ve learned over the years and feel it is part of who we are to share those lessons to help you with your project.

Accurate Construction Bidding Avoids Surprises

It’s easy to submit a bid. It’s much more challenging to demonstrate your expertise and experience on paper to help a potential client find the right fit. At SCI, we understand what it takes to build a successful project and create a comprehensive bid based on past projects to ensure we don’t overpromise or underbid today, only to disappoint and frustrate you tomorrow.


Across both public and private projects, our construction bidding provides you with a complete and accurate estimate of materials, labor, and time required to successfully complete the project to your standards. With today’s supply chain issues and challenges in the labor market, an accurate bid is more important than ever. 


At SCI, we only bid on the projects that we know we can deliver better than anyone else. We understand your return on investment and deliver value to build trust with you. We utilize innovation and technology to boost productivity and reduce costs. And, we use our experience to provide insights that will result in better outcomes for you.


Safety Comes First For Your Protection and Ours

The safety of those who work in and around commercial construction extends beyond just the construction team. Potential hazards such as falling objects, electric shock, accidental injury from equipment, and more not only affect the safety of those who work in and around commercial construction sites but others who may be visiting the site. Clients, pedestrians, and others near the construction site need to be aware of the dangers posed by large machinery and construction materials and take steps to avoid accidents. 

At SCI, we put safety first, with on-site construction supervisors, managers, and leaders who are accountable for creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

It is crucial to keep communication open between workers, managers, subcontractors, and visitors so that everyone is aware of potential dangers. In the event of an accident, you have peace of mind knowing that we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to help you avoid any liability and to provide for anyone injured on the job site.


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Commercial Contractors

The Right Subcontractors Ensure The Right Results

Skilled subcontractors are needed to help build most commercial construction projects. When selecting subcontractors, SCI performs a careful vetting process and relies on a pool of trusted subcontractor relationships established during other projects. Quality always comes first with our subcontractors. The criteria we use for vetting all new subcontractors is a multi-stage process that includes interviews to determine the right fit for your project. 


  • Referrals from people we trust

  • A short list of potential candidates

  • Reviews and recommendations from other builders

  • Interviews with Q&A so we can make better-informed decisions


Finding the right subcontractor for projects can be a challenge. We ensure that our subcontractors have the same values and vision to help complete your project on time and on budget with exceptional quality. We take the time to do our homework so that you have the right team on your project.


If you are a subcontractor and are interested in partnering with us for an upcoming project, please submit your interest to get the process started. 


The Right Fit Makes All The Difference

Across a wide variety of commercial construction projects, SCI serves the needs of our clients from small renovations to large-scale new construction projects. Find out what we can do for you.

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